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The Five Most Successful Brands and Why

Effective advertising is essential when it comes to making your brand stand out from the crowd. No matter whether you’re a startup or a global corporation, the right film commercial can transform your success and drive more customers to your business.

Who are some of the most successful brands, though? We thought we’d take a closer look:

1) Red Bull

The energy drink giants have become synonymous with extreme sports. This marketing strategy helps them to reach every corner of the globe, often using these sports in their advertising.

2) Nike

In 1988, Nike was worth $800 million, but ten years later, that had reached $9.2 billion. The reason? The launch of their “Just Do It” slogan and commercials turning them from a marathon-focused brand to a sportswear giant.

3) Budweiser

Renowned as the self-titled ‘King of Beer’, in 1999, Budweiser produced one of the most memorable film commercials of all time. The now iconic “Whassup” adverts have been viewed across the globe and replicated in countless films and comedy sketches.

4) Google

Since 2009, Google has produced one of the most compelling commercials each year. The ‘Year in Search’ films review look back over the most commonly searched terms of the last 12 months, highlighting the world’s dependence on the search engine.

5) Apple

Apple is renowned for producing incredible advertising, but the launch of the Mac in 2006 is one of their best. The “Get a Mac” commercial highlighted the benefits of the new computer, helping the brand to enjoy a 42% growth in market share in its first year.

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