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The Impact of Emotional Marketing

When it comes to making your brand stand out from the crowd, marketing is an essential requirement. Emotional marketing is a unique form of marketing and advertising that utilises emotions to help the audience remember and engage with your brand.

The key to emotional marketing is to focus on one specific emotion at a time, such as happiness, anger, fear, or sadness. This helps to ensure that you can elicit the best response from your customers.

Why does emotional marketing work?

Emotions are something that we all experience multiple times a day. From frustration and anger to happiness and joy, emotions dictate how we feel and can significantly impact our moods. As a brand, being able to harness these emotions can transform your marketing and advertising.

One of the biggest benefits of emotional marketing is that it drives consumers to make decisions with their hearts. This is often one of the biggest reasons that push individuals to press that buy button, with customers who have an emotional connection with a brand being 71% more likely to use and recommend that company.

Emotional marketing also helps you to reach more people. Research has shown that being able to elicit emotions in consumers is far more likely to make them share your content, and research has shown that videos that stimulate anger are 38% more likely to go viral.

Incorporating emotions into your marketing is also a great way to boost your sales. Studies have shown that ads which entice an above-average level of emotions see companies enjoy up to 23% more sales.

Need help with your marketing?

Here at Elemo Global, we know the importance of emotional marketing for your brand. That is why we pride ourselves on creating the most captivating films, commercials and documentaries for our clients. Want to find out more? Get in touch today!

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