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The Most Successful Mother’s Day Commercials of All Time

With Mother’s Day this Sunday, it is nearly time to showcase to our mum’s how much they mean to us. However, the annual holiday is a great chance for companies to demonstrate a personal side, while also attracting consumer attention as they look for the perfect gift.

The right Mother’s Day commercial can transform the success of any company at this time of year, and we’ve taken a closer look at some of the best from recent years.

1) Texts From Mum

Unveiled in 2015, this hilarious ad from Samsung sees a host of adults scrolling through the many texts their mums have sent them. From failed attempts at slang to completely blank texts, this captivating advert ends with a simple reminder to call your mum this Sunday.

2) Mother’s Day at the Palace

Another great Mother’s Day advert comes from the Body Shop. This spoof clip saw a host of lookalike actors show what a typical Mother’s Day with the Queen of England might look like. This satirical clip was a hilarious reminder to treat your mum like a queen this Mother’s Day.

3) An Ode to Mummy

This clip from the Nivea was part of a wider campaign that saw them produce a special run of silk mousse bottles that would let children decorate it with their own messages for Mother’s Day. The popular advert was not only a huge success on TV, but it also led to viral content on social media.

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